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Historical resources for Western Australian History

Pamela Statham Drew has compiled the following list of Books and Articles relating to the History of Western Australia.

If you know of any books or articles that could be added to the list please contact Pamela at

Convict Era

Book Title
Published By
Barry, Liam
Voices from the Tomb: A Biographical Dictionary of the 62 Fenians Transported to Western Australia National
National Gaelic Publications 2006
Bosworth, M.
Convict Fremantle: A Place of Promise and Punishment,
University of WA Press, Perth, 2004
Broomhall, F.H.
Veterans: A History of the Enrolled Pensioner Force in WA 1850- 1880
Hesperian Press 1983
Cromb, Alison
The History of the Toodyay Convict Depot
Perth 2010
Erickson, R. & O'Mara, G.
Convicts of Western Australia : Dictionary of Western Australians Vol. IX 1850-1887
UWAP 1994
Erickson, Rica
The Brand On His Coat: Biographies of some Western Australian Convicts
UWAP 1983
Edgar Bill
Lags: A History of the WA Convict Population
Perth 2012
Gibbs, M.
The Archaeology of the Convict System in Western Australia
Australasian Journal of Historical Archaeology 19: 60�72
Reece, Bob
Irish Convicts: The Origins of Convicts Transported to Australia
Dublin 1999
Reece, Bob (Ed.)
Exiles from Erin: Convict Lives in Ireland and Australia
MacMillan 1991
Shaw, A.G.L.
Great Britain and the Colonies 1815-1865
Methuen 1970
Stannage, C.T. (Ed.)
Studies in Western Australian History IV: Convictism in Western Australia
UWAP 1981
Statham, P.
Why Convicts 1 & 2' in Studies in Western Australian History
Vol IV Dec 1981
Stevens, S.
'Pensioner guards' in Gregory J, & Gothard J. (Eds)
UWA Press 2009 pp. 674-675
Sweeney, C.
Transported in place of Death : Convicts in Australia
Macmillan Aust. 1981 p162
Taylor, S.
Who were the Convicts: A Statistical Analysis of the Convicts Arriving in Western Australia in 1850/51, 1861/62, and 1866/68
in Stannage, C. T. (ed.) above
Thomas, J.A. & Stewart, A.
Imprisonment in Western Australia
UWA Press 1978
Waters, O.D.P.
The Fenian Wild Geese: From the last Convict ship to the Catalpa Rescue
Catalpa Publications 2011
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