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Convicts in Western Australia

1850 - 1887

Dictionary of Western Australians
Volumes IX

Convicts in Western Australia 1850-1887 is a revision of Bond, one of three volumes in the series Dictionary of Western Australians 1829-1868 published in 1979 as working copies. Bond was the only unrevised volume when the series was revised and enlarged for publication in 1988, as the Bicentennial Dictionary of Western Australians, pre-1829-1888. The delay in revising Bond was caused by the large amount of information
which became available.
Extensive and painstaking research into this additional information has been done by Gillian O'Mara, as co-author, who in 1990 compiled a booklet Convict Records of Western Australia: A Research Guide, published by Friends of Battye Library.


These records have been reproduced with generous permission of the owners - Gillian O'Mara and Sheryl Milentis.

Bicentennial Dictionaries

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