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Historical resources for Western Australian History

Pamela Statham Drew has compiled the following list of Books and Articles relating to the History of Western Australia.

If you know of any books or articles that could be added to the list please contact Pamela at


Book Title
Published By
Appleyard, Reg. T. and John N. Yiannakis
A List of Greek Settlers to WA 1829-1940
Perth: Centre for Migration and Development Studies, 1988
Appleyard, Reg. T. and John N. Yiannakis
Greek Pioneers in Western Australia
Nedlands: University of WA. Press, 2002
Arthur, Paul Longley and Geoffrey Bolton (eds)
Voices From the West End: Stories, People and Events that Shaped Fremantle
Perth: Western Australian Museum, 2012
Earnest, Jaya
Goenkars in Western Australia: Voices and Images of a Vibrant Goan Community
Perth, WA: Black Swan Press, 2009
Ludbrook, Julia
Schoolship Kids of the Blue Funnel Line: Western Australian Service
Perth, WA: Black Swan Press, 1999
Peters, Nonja
Milk and Honey but No Gold: Postwar Migration to WA, 1945-1964
Perth: UWA Press, 2001
Peters, Nonja
From Tyranny to Freedom: Dutch Children from the Netherlands East Indies to Fairbridge Farm School, 1945-1946
Perth, WA: Black Swan Press, 2009
Peters, Nonja
They Came by Sea
Perth: Western Australian Museum, 2010
Yiannakis, John
A Brief Outline of the Greek Presence in Western Australia
Perth: Hellenic Republic Consulate, 2010
Yiannakis, John
Western Australia's Castellorizian connection: the first 100 years, 1912-2012: a commemorative history of the Castellorizian Association of Western Australia
Perth: Naked Arts Publications, 2012
Yiannakis, John & Felicity Morel-Ednie Brown (eds)
Northbridge History Studies Day Papers, volume 1, 2007-2008
Perth: Network Books, 2009
Yiannakis, John N.
'A History of the Castellorizian Association of WA.' In The Castellorizian Association's 75th Anniversary Book
Edited by N. Nicholas. Perth, 1987
Yiannakis, John N.
The Mytilinian Presence and Their Brotherhood in Western Australia
Bayswater: Cypress, 1998
Yiannakis, John N.
Megisti in the Antipodes
Perth: Hesperian Press, 1996
Yiannakis, John N.
148 Palmerston Street, Perth: The Witch's Hat - a brief history
Perth: C.G. Berbatis Holdings, 1997
Yiannakis, John N.
Odysseus in the Golden West: Greek migration, settlement and adaptation to Western Australia since 1947
Perth: Network Books, 2009
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