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Historical resources for Western Australian History

Pamela Statham Drew has compiled the following list of Books and Articles relating to the History of Western Australia.

If you know of any books or articles that could be added to the list please contact Pamela at

Maritime and Whaling

Book Title
Published By
Australian Maritime Association
Australian Shipping
Appleyard, Professor Reg
Port Plans: Stirling to O'Connor
Fremantle Studies Volume 7
Blainey, G.
The Tyranny of Distance
Sun Books 1966
Broeze, Frank
An Island Nation
Allen & Unwin 1998
Broeze, Frank
Mr. Brooks and the Australian Trade
MUP 1993
Broeze, Frank
WA until 1869 - A Maritime Perspective
Colwell, Max
Whaling Around Australia
Rigby 1969
Colwell, Max
Ships and Seafarers in Australian Waters
Lansdown Press 1973
Dickson, R.
To King George III Sound for Whales
Dickson, R.
They Kept this State Afloat: Shipbuilders of WA
Douglas, L. et al
Maritime Albany remembered
Drake Brockman, H.
Voyage to Disaster
Henderson, Graeme
Redemption of a Slave Ship; The James Mathews
WA Museum 2009
Henderson, Graeme
Unfinished Voyages
Vols. I, 2 & 3
Heppingstone, I.
Bay Whaling in Western Australia
JRWAHS Early Days Vol.6, Part 5, 1966
Heppingstone, I.
Whaling in Cockburn Sound
JRWAHS Early Days Vol. 7 Part V 1973
Kerr, M & C.
Australia's Early Whalemen
Rigby 1980
Marchant, L.
An Island Unto Itself
Hesperian 1998
Marchant, L.
France Australe
Murray, K
First there came Ships
Pease, W
The Ghosts of Hamlin Bay
Playford, Phillip
Carpet of Silver
Playford, Phillip
A Voyage of Discovery to Terra Australia
Rathe, G
The Wreck of the Barque Stefano - NW Cape 1875
Staples, Charles
Charles 'Maritime Trade in the Indian Ocean 1820- 1845'
University Studies in History, UWA, Vol.IV, No.4, 1966
Statham, P. & Erickson, R.
A Life on the Ocean Wave; The Journals of Captain George Bayly
MUP 1998
Wace, N. & Lovett, B.
Yankee Maritime Activities and the Early History of Australia
ANU Press
Wedge, J. et al
Mathew Flinders & his Scientific Gentlemen
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