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Historical resources for Western Australian History

Pamela Statham Drew has compiled the following list of Books and Articles relating to the History of Western Australia.

If you know of any books or articles that could be added to the list please contact Pamela at

Early Years

Book Title
Published by
Appleyard, R.T. & Manford, T.
The Beginning
UWA Press 1979
Battye, J.S.
Western Australia: A History from its Discovery to the Inauguration of the Commonwealth
Berryman, Ian
Swan River Letters
Perth 2002
Blackburn, Geoff
The Children’s Friend Society
Perth 1993
Blackburn, Geoff
Conquest and Settlement - 21st Reg. Royal N. British Fusiliers in WA
Hesperian 1999
Bolton, Geoffrey
Land of Vision and Mirage
UWAP 2008
Bourke, Michael
On the Swan: A History of the Swan District
UWAP 1987
Cameron, J.
The Millendon Memoirs GF Moore’s Letters & Diary 1830-1841
Hesperian Press 2007
Cameron, J.
Ambitions Fire
UWAP 1981
Cameron, J.M.R.
Coming to terms: The Development of Agriculture in Pre-convict WA
Geowest UWA 1977
Chessell, Gwen
Alexander Collie - Colonial Surgeon Naturalist & Explorer
UWAP 2008
Chessell, Gwen
Sir Richard Spencer Napoleonic War hero& Australian Pioneer
UWAP 2005
Clarkson, Gresley
The Tranby Clarksons 1829-1929
Perth 1995
Cowan, Peter (Ed)
A Faithful Picture – the letters of Eliza & Thos. Brown at York in the Swan River 1841-1852
Fremantle Arts Centre 1977
Crowley, F.
Master & Servant in WA
RWAHSJ Vol. 4 Part 5 1953
Ericksen, Rica
Old Toodyay and Newcastle
UWA Press 1974
Erickson, Rica
The Drummonds of Hawthornden
Lamb Patterson WA 1969
Fyfe, C.
The Bale Fillers: Western Australian Wool 1826-1916
UWAP 1983
Hasluck, A.
Portrait with Background
OUP Melbourne 1955
Johnston, Ruth
The Tranby Hardy’s
Perth 1988
Love, M.
Georgiana Leake’s Wildflower Album: WA’s First Botanical Artist
RWAHS 2010
Love, M.
The Sherwood Papers: A Swan River Story
Dalkeith 1996
Markey, D.S.
More a Symbol than a Success
Bayswater 1977
Moore, G.F.
A Diary of Ten Years of an Early Settler in WA
1884 reprinted UWAP 1978
Ogle, Nathanial
The Colony of Western Australia
1839 Facsimile NSW 1977
O’Brien, J. & Statham Drew, P.
On We Go The Wittenoom Way
Perth 2009
Pashley, A.R.
A Colonial Pioneer The Life and Times of J.N.Drummond
Reynolds, P.
Edmund Stirling: Swan River Pioneer
Perth 2010
Shann, E.O.G.
Cattle Chosen
OUP 1926 reprinted UWAP 1978
Statham Drew, Pamela
James Stirling; Admiral and Founding Governor
UWAP 2003
Statham Drew, Pamela
James Stirling and the Birth of Swan River Colony
Perth 2004
Statham, Pamela
Swan River 1829-1850. Chapter 5 in Stannage, C.T. (ed) A New History of Western Australia
UWAP 1981
Statham, Pamela
The Tanner Letters: Pioneer Saga of Tasmania & Swan River 1831-1845
UWAP 1981
Statham, Pamela
The Role of the Commissariat in W.A.'s Early Economic Development
Australian Economic History Review. Vol.24. March 1984
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