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Historical resources for Western Australian History

Pamela Statham Drew has compiled the following list of Books and Articles relating to the History of Western Australia.

If you know of any books or articles that could be added to the list please contact Pamela at

Early Catholic Church in Western Australia

Book Title
Published By
Birt, H.N.
Benedictine Pioneers in Australia, Vol. 2
London, 1911
Bourke, D.F.
The History of the Catholic Church in WA
Perth, 1979
Byrne, Geraldine (Compiler)
Valiant Women: letters from the foundation Sisters of Mercy in Western Australia, 1845-1849
Polding Press 1981
Killerby, Catherine Kovesi
Ursula Frayne: a biography
1996 University of Notre Dame Australia
McCarthy, P.
The Foundations of Catholicism in Western Australia: 1829-1911
University Studies in History and Economics, Vol. 2, no 4, July 1956, pp 5-76
O'Donoghue, Kathleen
Brady, John (1800�1871), Australian Dictionary of Biography
ANU 1966 entry for John Brady
Reilly, J.T.
Reminiscences of Fifty Years' Residence in Western Australia
Rossen, I.
St. John Evangelist Pro Cathedral Victoria Avenue, Perth Western Australia, A Sequential Building Study for the Purpose of Restoration
Russo, G.
Lord Abbot of the Wilderness The life and Times of Bishop Salvardo
Melbourne 1980
Stormon, Fr. E. J. S.
The Salvado Memoirs
UWAP 1977
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