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Historical resources for Western Australian History

Pamela Statham Drew has compiled the following list of Books and Articles relating to the History of Western Australia.

If you know of any books or articles that could be added to the list please contact Pamela at


Book Title
Published By
Bolton, G
Alexander Forrest: His Life & Times
MUP 1958
Buchanan, B.
The Journal of Gerald de Courcy Lefroy
Hesperian Press 2010
Bunbury, Bill and Jenny
Sounds of the Cockies, Perenjori: 100 years of stories
Shire of Perenjori, 2015
Cowan, Peter
Unique Position: A Biography of Edith Dirksey Cowan 1861-1932
UWAP 1978
Cowan, Peter
A Faithful Picture the Letters of Thomas and Eliza Brown 1841-1852
Fremantle 1977
Cranfield, R.E.
The Wittenoom Family in Western Australia
privately published; n.d.
Crowley Frank
Big John Forrest 1847-1918
UWAP 2000
Davis, R.
Eileen Joyce A Portrait
Fremantle 2001
Erickson, Rica
The Drummonds of Hawthornden
Lamb Patterson 1969
Erickson, Rica
The Dempsters
UWAP 1978
Hasluck, A.
Portrait with Background A Life of Georgiana Molloy
OUP 1955
Hasluck, A.
Thomas Peel
OUP 1965
Hazzard, M.
Australia’s Brilliant Daughter: Ellis Rowan: Artist, Naturalist, Explorer 1948-1922
Richmond 1984
Hillman, B. (Ed)
The Hillman Diaries 1877-1884
Perth 1990
Johnston, Ruth
The Tranby Hardys
Perth 1988
Joske, Prue
Dearest Isabella The Life and times of Isobella Ferguson 1819-1910
UWA Press 1989
Lefroy, R.F.B.
A Varied and Versatile Life: FFB Wittenoom
Hesperian 2003
Love, M.
The Sherwood Papers: A Swan River Story
Dalkeith 1996
Love, M.
Georgiana Leake’s Wildflower Album: WA’s First Botanical Artist
RWAHS 2010
Nairn, J.
Walter Padbury His Life &Times
Padbury 1985
O’Brien, J. & Statham Drew, P.
On We Go: The Wittenoom Way
Pow, G.
Barefoot Bandit: The story of Tom Hughes, WA Bushranger.
Maylands 2003
Reynolds, Patricia
Edmund Stirling: Swan River Colony Pioneer: A biography of the editor of the Enquirer Newspaper (1812-1897).
Perth: Black Swan Press, 2010
Robin, A. de Q
Mathew Blagden Hale The Life of an Australian Pioneer Bishop
Melbourne 1976
Russo, G.
Lord Abbot of the Wilderness The life and Times of Bishop Salvardo
Melbourne 1980
Statham Drew, P.
James Stirling; Admiral and Founding Governor
UWAP 2003
Tauman, Mereb
The Chief: C.Y. O’Connor
UWAP 1978
Whittington, Vera
Sister Kate: A Life dedicated to Children in Need of Care
UWAP 1999
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