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Historical resources for Western Australian History

Pamela Statham Drew has compiled the following list of Books and Articles relating to the History of Western Australia.

If you know of any books or articles that could be added to the list please contact Pamela at

1890's and Gold

Book Title
Published by
Ashwin, A
Gold to Grass
Hesperian Press, 2002
Basedow, Herbert
Narrative of an Expedition of Exploration in North-Western Australia
Hesperian Press, 1918
Bell, Max D
Paddy Baker – Picture Show Man
Hesperian Press, 2011
Bentley, Molly
Thomas Edwards of Beverley: Emigrant, Policeman, Settler
Hesperian Press, 1985
Bianchi, Phil & Ray Tovey
Lakewood Woodline, 1937 – 1964
Hesperian Press, 2007
Bianchi, Phil, Bridge, Peter, J & Ray Tovey
Early Woodlines of the Goldfields - The untold story of the Woodlines to World War II
Hesperian Press
Blainey, G
The Golden Mile
T.Allen & Unwin, 1993
Bligh, A.C.V.
The Golden Quest: “Roaring days of the West Australian Gold Rushes and Life in the Pearling Industry”
Hesperian Press, 1984 [1958]
Bojesen, F.W.
Small Scale Underground Mining For Prospectors, Tributors and Mine Owners
Hesperian Press, 2003
Bridge, Peter J
Alphabetical Index to the 1954 “List of Cancelled Gold Mining Leases Which Have Produced Gold”
Hesperian Press, 1972
Bridge, Peter J. , Murray, Ian, Dreezens, Gail & Moya Sharp
All Gold. The Death of Stephen Grace
Hesperian Press, 2007
Bridge, Peter J., Holyday, C.,& A. Teague (eds)
The Battler – John Crawford Morrison
Hesperian Press, 2008
Bridge, Peter, J & Ian Murray
For Those Who Remembered Bob True, A History of Whitfords Reward, Gregory Hills
Hesperian Press, 2007
Bridge, Peter, J & Sheryl Milentis
The Finest Gold fields in the World. Robert Austin’s 1854 Expedition to the Murchison
Hesperian Press, 2009
Bridge, Peter, J (ed)
Hesperian Press, 1987
Bridge, Peter, J and Angela Teague (eds)
Early Days of Yilgarn District
Hesperian Press, 2008
Bridge, Peter, J, Murray, I. & V. Connelly
The Connelly Story
Hesperian Press (n.d.)
Bridge, Peter, J.
The Little Wonder Gold Mine
Hesperian Press, 2008
Bridge, Peter, J.
Mineral and Locality Index to the Publications of the W.A. Government Chemical Laboratories 1922-1970
Hesperian Press, 1971-72
Bridge, Peter, J. & Gail Dreezens
The Wanderings of Dido – E A Church
Hesperian Press, 2007
Bridge, Peter, J. & Graham Gath
William White, Convict 9348, Discoverer of the Eastern Goldfields
Hesperian Press, 2008
Bridge, Peter, J. (ed)
Paddy the Flat: The life of Patrick Leahey Australian hero, prospector, publican, and fighter for Digger rights
Hesperian Press, 2010
Bridge, Peter, J. (ed)
On Gold!
Hesperian Press, 1993
Bridge, Peter, J., Murray, Ian & Maureen Causer
John Dunn and the Wealth of Nations
Hesperian Press, 2010
Bridge, Peter, Sharp, Moya and Susan Bennett
Bruisers in the Bush
Hesperian Press, 2010
Bull, Margaret
White Feather
Hesperian Press, 1987 [1981]
Burdett, F. D.
The Odyssey of a Digger
Hesperian Press, 2004 [1936]
Calvert, A.F.
My Fourth Tour in W.A.
Hesperian Press, 1989 [1897]
Cammilleri, F.W.P.
Chasing the Weight, 1886-1912
Hesperian Press, 1986
Carnegie, D.W.
Spinifex and Sand
Facsimile edition Hesperian Press 1982
Cash, Sam
Loaming For Gold
Hesperian Press, 2008
Clemenson, Alice Kathleen
William Ford and Coolgardie
Hesperian Press, 1988
Coghlan, T.A.
Labour and Industry in Australia
London, 1918 Vol.4
Colebatch, Hal
The Magnificent Miner - Claude De Bernales
Hesperian Press, 1996
Cooper, H.
One Man’s Gold
Hesperian Press, 1934
Crowley, F. (Ed.)
A New History of Australia
Melbourne 1974, Ch 7
Durack, Mary
Kings in Grass Castles
Corgi Books 1959
Garnsey, Mrs. Arthur H.
Scarlet Pillows – an Australian nurse’s tale of long ago
Hesperian Press, 2009
Gaston, Albert
Coolgardie Gold
Facsimile edition Hesperian Press 1984
Gibb Maitland, A.
The Gold Deposits of Western Australia
Hesperian Press, 2009 [1919]
Glover, John & Jenny Bevan
The Forgotten Explorers: - pioneer geologists of Western Australia, 1826 – 1926
Hesperian Press, 2010
Esther Austin: Adventures on the Goldfields
Hesperian Press, 2007 [1899]
Hall, A.R.
The London Capital Market & Australia
Canberra, 1963
Hallberg, J.
Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Leonora-Laverton Area, North Eastern Yilgarn Block, Western Australia
Hesperian Press, 1985
Harris, Henry
Reminiscences of by-gone Menzies by the Old Fossicker & On the Northern Fields
Hesperian Press, 2009 [1907-08, 1935-36]
Hayward, Andree
Along the Road to Cue and Other Verses
Hesperian Press, 2007
Heydon, P.R.
Nannine by the Lake
Hesperian Press, 1990
Heydon, P.R.
Meekatharra - End of the Earth
Hesperian Press, 1994
Heydon, P.R.
Gold at Peak Hill
Hesperian Press, 1991
Heydon, P.R.
Wiluna - edge of the desert
Hesperian Press, 1996
Hooper, J.
Youanmi: A History of Murchison Gold
Hesperian Press, 1987
Jacobson, Mark I., Mark Andrew C. & Benjamin A.Grguric
Guidebook to the Pegmatites of Western Australia
Hesperian Press, 2007
King, Norma
The Daughters of Midas
Hesperian Press, 1988
King, Norma
Then They Called Me Norma
Hesperian Press, 2003
Lambden Owen, W.
Cossack Gold
Hesperian Press, 1984 (1933)
Macgeorge, A.J.
Where Fortunes Lay
Hesperian Press, 1993
McDonald, G. J. C.
Beyond Boundary Fences
Hesperian Press, 1996
McDonald, Rhonda
Gold in the Gascoyne
Hesperian Press, 2000 [1985]
Meiklejohn, John
Gold Getting Days
Hesperian Press, 2005
Menzies, L.R.
A Gold Seeker’s Odyssey
Hesperian Press, 2004 [1937]
Mines Department of WA
List of Cancelled Gold Mining Leases which have produced Gold (1954)
Hesperian Press, 2008 [1954]
Moore, Amy
Where is Brown Hill?
Hesperian Press, 1989
Neville, A.O.
Golden Land of Silence - A Tale of the Kimberleys
Hesperian Press, 2010
Nicholas, William
The Coolgardie Goldfields
Hesperian Press, 2007 [1895]
O’Brien, James
Hoovers Millions and how he made them
Hesperian Press, 2005 [1932]
Palmer, Alex
The Old Coach Roads to Cue and Beyond
Hesperian Press, 1993
Palmer, Alex
Fields Gold. A story of the Yalgoo Goldfields
Hesperian Press, 2009
Palmer, Alex
Hesperian Press, 1990 [1985]
Palmer, Alex
Hesperian Press, 2009 [2002]
Palmer, Alex
Poona W.A. and the seekers of its emeralds
Hesperian Press, 2010
Price, Julius M.
Land of Gold
Hesperian Press, 2010 [1895]
Purdue, Brian
The Gold Stealers
Hesperian Press, 2001
Radcliffe, Raymond
Wealth and Wildcats
Hesperian Press, 2004 [1898]
Raeside, Jules
Golden Days
Hesperian Press, 1996 [1929]
Ralph, Gilbert
Bullfinch and the Yilgarn Goldfield
Hesperian Press, 2007
Reid, Arthur
Those Were The Days
Hesperian Press, 1986 [1933]
Scott, Thomas
Travels among Gold and Cannibals in Western Australia 1870 – 1874
Hesperian Press, 2010
Shann, E.
An Economic History of Australia, 1930
1930, Ch.XIX and XX
Sheppard, Bob
The Golden Rule
Hesperian Press, 2002
Simpson, E.S.
Minerals of Western Australia
Hesperian Press, 1984 [1948-52]
Sligo, N.K.
Mates and Gold
Hesperian Press, 1995 [1980]
Southcombe, M.R.H.
To Call Our Own
Hesperian Press, 1998
Stannage, C.T. (Ed.)
A New History of Western Australia
UWAP 1981
Talbot, Len
Exploring the Golden West – H.W.B. Talbot
Hesperian Press, 2008
Testa, Angie and Bill Decarli
A Dead Mans Dream – Lasseter’s Reef Found
Hesperian Press, 2005
Tregurtha, J.E.
The Leaves from a Prospectors Diary
Hesperian Press, 1996
Vivienne, May
Travels in Western Australia
Hesperian Press, 1993 [1901]
Vogan, A.J.
Through Aurumalia
Hesperian Press, 2009 [1896]
Walker, Marshall
The Pump
Hesperian Press, 2003
Wattone, M.
Way to the Gold: A Centennial Account of the Western Australian Goldfields 1892 - 1992
Contraland Press WA 1992
Whittington, V.
Gold and Typhoid
UWAP 1988 esp ch 1 & 6
Wood, Roma
The Young Soldier from the Goldfields
Hesperian Press, 1995
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