State Records Office of Western Australia

!Western Australian public records authority

The State Records Office of Western Australia invites you to our Lunchtime Seminars. Featuring a variety of topics, these seminars are designed to inform researchers about the State Records Office, its functions and the collections it houses. It also provides researches with an opportunity to meet fellow researchers, learn about members of staff, and provides a forum for questions and discussions in a relaxed and friendly environment.

​Lunchtime seminars occur between 12.30 and 1.30pm on the day advertised and are usually held in the SRO's South West Room, next to the SRO's Search Room.

​Attendees are encouraged to bring their sandwiches and drinks to the seminars. Tea and coffee are provided.

Margaret Medcalf Award

Any work completed or published in the previous year is eligible to be submitted for nomination, and anyone, including the author of the work, may submit a nomination.

For further details including more information about the judging criteria for the Award, see: Margaret Medcalf Award

or contact Gerard Foley at the SRO by email or by phone on (08) 9427 3641.